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A Roundup Of Opinions On Obama’s Foreclosure Plan

If you aren’t already suffering from opinion overload on the President’s foreclosure relief plan, here are some links that will surely get you to that position. Economists View-A roundup of a number of different views. It contains links so you can spend the entire day reading about this if you choose. Marginal Revolution-Tyler Cowen has […]

Is There A Pony In The Foreclosure Plan For The MI Companies?

Here’s an off the wall thought. Does the new Obama plan take some pressure off the mortgage insurance companies? Assuming that it works and some, what, four or five million borrowers with Agency mortgages refinance, that has to pull a lot of potential loss exposure off the books of the MI companies. As I read […]

First Thoughts On The Foreclosure Relief Initiative

Well I might as well join the crowd and post this. In true Orwellian fashion it’s called the Homeowners Affordability and Stability Plan (HASP?). Here is an outline that’s somewhat intelligible. It’s from Washington Wire. 1. Refinancing for Up to 4 to 5 Million Responsible Homeowners to Make Their Mortgages More Affortdable 2. A $75 […]