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When Does Greece Leave The Euro Behind?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece about Marine Pen Le Pen’s surge in French politics and her intent to unlink France from the Euro. The point was that Ms. Le Pen may or may not be the first to divorce the Euro but that someone in some EU country was going to […]

Is Greece Coming Back?

There is a chance that Greece may have possibly, hopefully, cross your fingers passed through the worst of its nightmare. From the FT  The new mood is bolstered by positive signals in official economic statistics. Latest figures suggest Greece is on track for modest growth of 0.6 per cent next year after a six-year recession that […]

The Greek Solution

In case you missed it, the Euros pretty much executed the mother of all can kickings today as they rolled out their latest scheme to solve the Greek debt debacle. Basically the Greeks were told by the powers that be not to worry about repaying any debt for the foreseeable future and they would also […]

Greece: Deferring Resolution

If you want a good synopsis of the Greek bailout plan, read Felix’s post. If you want some quick analysis, try Tyler Cowen. From the early days of the subprime meltdown we have heard over and over again that the solution to what ails us is deleveraging. From the early days, the preferred solution of […]