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Partnering With The Devil

If there is a silver lining to the government’s recent intrusion into the private sector might it be a revitalization of the notion that there is no such thing as “partnering” with the public sector? The pillorying that Ed Liddy and the bank executives took at the hands of Congress have not gone unnoticed nor […]

Don’t Feed The Animals

Zoos almost universally have a sign that warns against feeding the animals. The point being that you destroy the natural fear animals have of humans and can cause them to begin to expect food from humans. We might be inadvertently causing the same sort of behaviour with our embrace of government intervention in the economy. Exhibit 1 […]

Where Does This Lead Us?

Blame it on the approach of Christmas, but I find myself just a little sluggish tonight. Nevertheless, these graphs from Jake at  are intriguing. Jake points out that the highest level of governments’ share of GDP occurred in 1943-1944. World War 2 years, obviously. Others have noted that the Depression didn’t end until the […]