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GM To Use Bailout Money To Finance LBO Of Delphi

What else haven’t they told us? The WSJ is reporting that GM plans to use some of the $30 billion of DIP loans it’s set to receive from the Government to finance the the leveraged buyout of auto-parts company Delphi. This transaction is part of the GM viability plan that the government’s auto task force […]

Congress Embarks On Auto Company Management

The micromanagement of GM and Chrysler by the government began in earnest today. In front of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee the heads of the two auto makers were called to task for their treatment of dealers. From here is a sample of the hands off Obama policy:   “It’s a nationwide […]

Congress Isn’t Going To Keep Its Hands Off GM

Well it didn’t take me long to get an answer to the question about whether members of Congress would abide by Obama’s principles for keeping hands off the auto companies and other enterprises controlled by the government. The previous post enunciated those principles and asked if Congress had gotten the memo and if they did […]

Robert Reich Sees Other Agendas In The GM Bankruptcy

I rarely find myself being captivated by much of anything Robert Reich says or writes. It seems to me that he is a captive of the left and as such rarely steps outside his framework to view different aspects of a problem. That might be what makes his article in today’s Financial Times so exceptional. […]

The Hidden Risk In Losing GM

This is an interesting article from Susan Helper, an economist at Case Western Reserve University. It appeared in the WSJ Real Time Economics blog. I’m not sure whether Ms. Helper is making a case for GM and its prospects for survival or suggesting they are difficult at best but she does raise some interesting points […]

The Man Behind The GM Solution

Tomorrow morning we will probably all wake up to the news that General Motors has entered into a Chapter 11 proceeding under the United States Bankruptcy Code and most likely emerge as a nationalized industry. These  events will have been orchestrated by the current administration though they don’t deserve all of the credit or discredit. […]

GM’s Sale Of Opel Roils Europe

The GM bankruptcy or anticipated bankruptcy (it’s supposed to be announced at 8 AM tomorrow) is actually moving along pretty smoothly in this country. Not so in Europe where the sale of its Opel subsidiary is roiling governments. A quick recap. After it looked like Fiat had the inside track on Opel a consortium of […]