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Paul Volcker Sounds Off

Thank God we still have Paul Volcker out there throwing out a few straight comments from time to time. In an era when the likes of Tim Geithner can speak volumes and put themselves on record on both sides of every issue, it’s refreshing to see the great man speak his mind. Today, some comments […]

Another Convert To The Smaller Bank Movement

Alan Greenspan suggests that sliding capital standards be used to keep banks from growing too big. Glad to have him on board. Not a bad idea to make it economically unattractive to grow too big. more: here

More On Breaking Up The Banks

Back on the soapbox about breaking up the banks. At The Baseline Scenario, Simon Johnson restates his case for restructuring the banking sector: If Secretary Geithner’s scheme works, we draw the lesson that our banks became too big and we aim to make them smaller relative to the economy moving forward.  The regulatory agenda currently […]

Bank Of England Talks Of A Glass-Steagall Solution

I’m pleased that all of my whining about bringing  back Glass-Steagall or some variant thereof has had an impact on the Bank of England. No less a light than Mervyn King, the governor of the bank, has takes up the cause. The reports that at a dinner last night he offered these opinions: Serving […]

Glass-Steagall: Not The Cause But Maybe A Cure?

As the idea of bringing back some form of Glass-Steagall gains traction, the naysayers are coming out of the woods. How many are funded by the vested interests in the status quo is hard to say but expect more of them. Tonight here is one of the first forays from the NY Times. The idea […]