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The Twilight Of The EU

There was a lot of talk bouncing around the blogosphere the past few days about an apparent move towards closer monetary union among the EU members. Driving that speculation were some comments from Germany’s Finance Minister. Germany is open to a discussion over whether countries that share the euro currency should harmonize their fiscal policy, […]

GM’s Sale Of Opel Roils Europe

The GM bankruptcy or anticipated bankruptcy (it’s supposed to be announced at 8 AM tomorrow) is actually moving along pretty smoothly in this country. Not so in Europe where the sale of its Opel subsidiary is roiling governments. A quick recap. After it looked like Fiat had the inside track on Opel a consortium of […]

Disquieting News From Across The Pond

The world didn’t quit spinning today despite all of the attention paid to the Geithner Plan. Some disquieting news came from Europe. Germany, the big dog of the EU is looking at a 7% contraction of GDP this year. The country’s dependency on exports is having a telling effect. The country may be on the […]

EU To Eastern Europe: Look For Help Elsewhere

Led by Germany, the EU turned its back on Eastern Europe today. European Union leaders rejected pleas for a 180 billion euro loan facility saying that the aid should properly come from international agencies like the IMF. So faced with the largest crisis in its history, the EU has come up wanting. Smaller members of […]

Will Germany Help The EU Pull Through This Crisis?

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard takes a break from his usual the end is nigh approach and delivers a good analysis of the dilemma that faces Germany. In the Telegraph today. He notes that the German finance ministry is drawing up plans for to deal with debt defaults among some of the weaker members of the EU and […]