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One Man’s View Of Regulators

I’m not a big fan of Richard Shelby. Nevertheless his remarks to Tim Geithner today deserve notice. “Another thing that the TARP has accomplished is covering up the egregious failures of our banking regulators over the past decade,” Sen. Shelby said at the hearing, where Mr. Geithner was the only witness. “TARP funds have saved […]

Ranting About Apologizing Politicians And The IMF

I don’t know about you but I’m getting a little tired of my elected leaders going around the world apologizing to anyone who will listen and conceding that yes indeed, if something’s not going well it is probably America’s fault. The latest bit of self-flagelation came from Treasury Secretary Geithner today when in a speech […]

Geithner On The Banks And China

Interesting stuff from Geithner tonight. From Reuters, here is what he had to say about the banks: U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner does not see a second wave of banking collapses and the government is ready to support capital-raising when needed, a Japanese newspaper said on Sunday. In an interview with the Asahi Shimbun newspaper, Geithner was […]

Geithner Confirms The Muddle Through Theory

In defense of the post below which argues that the administration has opted for a policy of muddling through the banking crisis rather than taking decisive action, I present the following. It is from the WSJ Real Time Economics blog. Geithner: Nationalization Is “The Wrong Strategy” Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, in an interview with PBS’s […]

Geithner To Be The Car Czar-Why?

What’s this all about? President Obama has scrapped the idea of a “car czar”. Instead, our crack Treasury Secretary who hasn’t demonstrated the ability yet to walk and chew gum at the same time is going to oversee things. Clearly it’s a political/negotiating game he’s playing with the car companies. My guess is that he’s trying to […]

Thanks For Nothing Tim

In less than twenty minutesTreasury Secretary Geithner managed to not only tank the stock market but completely ruin the day for bloggers all over the world. After working themselves up into a frenzy the past few days analyzing leaks and speculative guesses about what he was going to say, the blogosphere was ready to pounce. […]

The Daschle Affair

I’ve always felt that Presidents should get the counselors they want. The duty of Congress in approving cabinet secretaries and other functionaries should probably be limited to insuring that they aren’t wanted by some law enforcement agency or simply too dumb to function in the job. Otherwise, do some grandstanding and then let it go. […]