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PPIP Overload: Things You Don’t Want To Know About

Well, I did it. I made myself read the PPIP white paper and overview. At the risk of sending you screaming into the night, here are a couple observations. First, it’s complicated and I suspect that the CNBC talking heads have no real idea how much so. Governments are very skilled at putting together stuff like this […]

The Math Behind The Geithner Plan

Here is a useful post on the math of the Geithner Plan. It comes via Marginal Revolution. As Henry Blodgett said this afternoon: Tim Geithner may finally have done it. Done what, you ask? Figure out how to transfer hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to insolvent banks and Wall Street without the taxpayer screaming bloody […]

A First Look At The Geithner Plan

Well the equity markets love it. I’m speaking of the Geithner plan naturally. Aside from that, the reaction in the MSM and throughout the blogosphere is decidedly bipolar. As usual with these things we have to learn add some acronyms to our vocabularies. Today start practicing on Public Private Investment Program (PPIP). Add to that legacy assets. […]

Obama Administration To Wall Street-We Still Love You Guys-Now Pony Up

Well, file this one under the heading that no good deed ever goes unpunished. The administration according to the New York Times spent most of today trying to convince big investors to jump on board Treasury Secretary Geithner’s plan to bailout the banks. The reticence they are encountering is of course the prospect of being […]

DeLong Explains The Geithner Plan

You might find this of interest. It is Brad DeLong’s explanation of Geithner’s plan to relieve the banks of their toxic assets. He seems to believe it is worthwhile, potentially very profitable and has so far been improperly explained. Q: What is the Geithner Plan? A: The Geithner Plan is a trillion-dollar operation by which […]