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What The G-20 Really Authorized

Why do politicians do these things? The NYT put the much lauded G-20 monetary commitments in perspective this evening. “The lack of concreteness in the numbers is troubling, because further down the line, they’re going to have to come to grips with the details,” said Eswar S. Prasad, a former China division chief at the International Monetary […]

Not So Subtle Differences In G-20’s Recent Statements

Just a quick pointer to a new blog that I found via Greg Mankiw. It’s by a fellow by the name of Keith Hennessey (here’s the link). He’s a former Bushie so I’m sure that will turn people off right away. Give him a chance. I found this article really interesting. Hennessey writes about the […]

Russia Won’t Pay For IMF Lending Expansion

I missed this earlier today. From the Alexei Kudrin, the Finance Minister, said the country “Russia is not taking part” because it already is giving $10bn in emergency funding to neighbouring countries of the former Soviet Union. “We believe we play a role of big brother in our region,” he told a Russian banking […]

How Much Power Did The G-20 Give The IMF?

The recently completed G-20 summit is being heralded as something of if not a triumph, a solid success. Some see increased global financial regulation as one of its achievements and most are touting the large increase in funding for the IMF as the singular achievement. Honestly, I’ve read the report and analysis by some observers […]

More G-20 Thoughts-This Time From Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Just when it looked like it might be OK to take a peak outside of the cave along comes Ambrose Evans-Pritchard loosing lightning bolts right and left. Unlike many, he considers the upcoming G-20 event critical. He recounts the history of a similar meeting in London in 1933 which was a disaster. The United States […]

Angela Merkel Sees No Need For More Stimulus

The much ballyhooed G-20 meeting kicks off late next week. The demonstrations started this weekend as did some pre-conference lobbying on the part of the politicians. Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, went on the record saying that spending too much money on fiscal stimulus is counter productive. Keep in mind that the American view […]

The G-20 Comes To Some Conclusions

The G-20 finance ministers released a statement promising to fight for truth, justice and the American Way. Honestly, I don’t know why I and others wast any time at all writing about this stuff. Just to brighten your day and so you know that the politicians of the world are on top of things, here from […]