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Fannie And Freddie Have Their Own Bonus Problems

Fannie and Freddie are jumping on the bonus train. The WSJ reports that Fannie and Freddie are set to pay bonuses to executives of from $470,000 to $611,000. Apparently there are hundreds of employees in line for retention bonuses of some size. The logic for the payment of these bonuses and the history of how […]

Can Fannie And Freddie Ever Break Free?

The NY Times has an excellent article tonight about the passing of Fannie and Freddie into what increasingly appears to be permanent government ownership. The article points out two essential facts. One that so much money has been passed from the government to the two that they could never possibly pay it back and two […]

Fannie And Freddie May Balloon Our Balance Sheet

Remember when we were young and innocent and worried about mundane things such as what in the world would happen if Fannie or Freddie failed. We were assured that could never ever happen and of course if something went wrong it would all be worked out with minimal cost to the taxpayer. Seems like ages […]

Is There A Pony In The Foreclosure Plan For The MI Companies?

Here’s an off the wall thought. Does the new Obama plan take some pressure off the mortgage insurance companies? Assuming that it works and some, what, four or five million borrowers with Agency mortgages refinance, that has to pull a lot of potential loss exposure off the books of the MI companies. As I read […]

First Thoughts On The Foreclosure Relief Initiative

Well I might as well join the crowd and post this. In true Orwellian fashion it’s called the Homeowners Affordability and Stability Plan (HASP?). Here is an outline that’s somewhat intelligible. It’s from Washington Wire. 1. Refinancing for Up to 4 to 5 Million Responsible Homeowners to Make Their Mortgages More Affortdable 2. A $75 […]

Fannie And Freddie: More Money Needed And A Plan For More Risk

Fannie and Freddie are flying under the radar what with all the other things going on this week but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some news out of them that deserves attention. First off, the regulator of the two quietly let drop the news that they may need more than $200 billion in additional funding. […]

Have We Truly Kicked Our Credit Addiction?

It’s almost enough to make you feel sorry for Fannie and Freddie. They finally get religion, return to their responsible underwriting roots and they start getting beat up for it. The latest contretemps involves the fees that they’re imposing on borrowers that are towards the lower end of their underwriting criteria. This used to be […]