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Fannie/Freddy Reform Nowhere In Sight

Since 2008, the mostly agreed upon date for the onset of the Great Recession, lots of responses to the crisis have occurred. Stimulus came and went, Dodd Frank passed, the Volker rule was enacted yet not to date implemented, the CFPB was let lose on the land, the Fed embarked on a continuing mission to […]

Random Thoughts

Just a few thoughts on the past week. Fannie And Strategic Defaulters Fannie Mae managed somehow to make itself even more unliked in just about every circle with its announcement that it would attempt to bring back debtors’ prisons or at least make life very difficult for anyone walking away from their home. It’s becoming […]

Fannie’s Dismal Financial Results

Earlier I wrote a short post about Fannie and Freddie going hand in hand off into the sunset to be replaced by who knows what. I should have included this in the post but I hadn’t noticed it and it shouldn’t go unnoticed. This is from Fannie’s press release detailing its results for Q2. I […]

What Will Be Done With Fannie And Freddie?

The buzz today comes from the Washington Post’s article about plans for Fannie and Freddie that the Obama administration is kicking around. Briefly, the thinking seems to be that you set up a good bank/bad bank structure, let the government work out the bad bank loans over time and spin off the good bank in […]

Some Want More Government In Housing

Apparently there is something addictive in the milk dispensed from the federal teat. That’s the only explanation I can come up with for three supposedly private enterprise sorts of organizations arguing in favor of continued and ,yes, even more federal support for Fannie and Freddie. At a hearing planned this afternoon before the House subcommittee […]

Things Are Never What They Seem To Be In The Mortgage Market

Whatever else might be wrong with the country right now, it appears as if the propensity to game the system is still strong. Here are a couple of examples. HousingWire reports that a company in Georgia, Metro Buyers Group, LLC, is buying the new homebuyer tax credit from potential buyers. They then use the money […]

Fannie, Freddie And The Constitution

This post isn’t about what you think it might be. I need, however, to set the stage. There is news out tonight that Fannie and Freddie’s regulator, the Federal Housing Finance Finance Agency (FHFA) is considering letting the two provide warehouse lending to mortgage banks. This type of financing has dried up during the credit […]