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Fannie, Freddie, EPA And Big Money

If you think reform of the mortgage system which includes ridding the world of Fannie and Freddie  is likely you might want to consider this. Fannie Mae said it will make a $10.2 billion dividend payment in September to the U.S. Treasury for its rescue aid. After that payment, which comes on the heels of […]

Has Freddie Found The Bottom Of Its Hole?

What a day! Employment is looking better and Freddie Mac reports a profit. No that is not a typo or bad joke, they actually made some money. From Reuters: Freddie Mac reported second-quarter net income of $768 million, compared with a $9.9 billion loss in the first quarter and a $821 million deficit in the […]

More Foreclosure Plans From Washington

This morning Arnold King wrote that, “I predict that in 2015 we will still be reading op-eds with suggested refinements to the housing bailout.  That is because the whole concept of bailing out mortgage borrowers is misguided.” He goes on to compare the whole process to the attempts to control oil prices in the 1970’s. It’s a […]

How To Restructure Fannie And Freddie

Susan Woodward and John Hall are two economists who write infrequently but generally quite well when they do post something. They are out today with recommendations as to where to go with Fannie and Freddie and by implication the residential mortgage finance sector. Here is their summary of recommendations: The GSEs should be preserved, mainly […]