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How Do You Stop Consumer Fraud?-Do A Movie Trailer

The Fed is planning is planning to launch advertisements in movie theaters warning us about scammers selling foreclosure assistance. From the WSJ, here is the ad: Is this sick? Any wonder why we can’t control the financial sector? We can’t even stop a bunch of low lifes from ripping off people. These guys are going to […]

What’s The Real Story With Bernie Madoff

I hesitate to bore you with another story about Bernie Madoff as I’m sure most of you are suffering from over exposure at this point. But the more I read, the less any of it makes sense. Right now there are all sorts of accusations floating around about how the SEC was asleep at the […]

Madoff: Did Wall Street Look The Other Way?

Sometimes it’s an advantage not to be part of the Wall Street/New York clique. Today is certainly one of those rare times. The dodging, shifting, I saw it along time ago, of course we all knew what was going on nonsense that has eminated from the blogs and the papers with regard to the Ponzi […]