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Speeding Up Foreclosures

An interesting take on recent foreclosure activity from Diana Olick: As regulators and law enforcers battle this out, banks are ramping up foreclosures with increasing speed. A new report from ForeclosureRadar, which measures some of the most distressed markets out West, shows a big jump in March foreclosure sales, the final stage of foreclosure. Total […]

Looking Beyond The Foreclosure Hysteria

After a week of mass media hysteria there are at least a couple voices of reason starting to speak out with regard to the foreclosure crisis. Steven Pearlstein writing in the WaPo adds some needed perspective. Listening to the fiery rhetoric about the mortgage mess emanating from politicians this week, you’d think that big bad […]

Are Notaries Part Of The Foreclosure Problem

OK, I know you’re over educated on the foreclosure mess (can’t we come up with a catchy name for this?), but let me add a couple really quick comments. First, read this post by Felix Salmon if you need to know what this is all about. Lots of great links and an assessment of the […]

Cure Rates On Prime Loans Drops Ominously

This is a pretty important bit of information from HousingWire. A slower cure rate among delinquent loans erased improvements in the number of loans rolling into delinquency status among US residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS), according to Fitch Ratings. Cure rates decrease as fewer delinquent loans return to current payment status each months. The prime cure rate […]

Good News For Manufacturing Not So Much So For The Consumer

The summer economic meme seems to be improvement in manufacturing, no good news on real estate and bouncing along the bottom for employment. Economic Gauges The Philly Fed said that its index rose to 4.2 in August from a negative 7.5 in July. That’s the highest reading since November 2007. All of the sub-indexes were […]

Some Good News And Some Bad News On Foreclosures

The housing market is getting back its sea legs or the housing market is still wobbling. Depending upon what set of statistics you want to look at, you can make the case for either scenario. The good news from HousingWire: In particular, roll rates — which measure the volume of loans moving from good to […]

SoCal Homeowners Put Themselves Underwater

Are you looking for one more thing to be incensed about? Well, here you go. The WSJ, citing a study done by a professor at Cal State Fullerton says that in Southern California borrowers who defaulted on their mortgages tended not to have bought at the top of the market but had refinanced their houses […]