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Ford’s Impossible Task

The WSJ has one of those “Duh” articles this evening that suggests that Ford may face tough going against two federally funded auto manufacturers. Ya think? I’ve written about this many times over the past month. Ford is probably a goner as well, either by dint of circumstance or because there truly is a plan […]

Ford’s Temporary Miracle

Right now Ford is sort of the JPMorgan Chase of the car industry, or at least the remnants of the American headquartered car industry. Alan Mullaly, the Boeing veteran that came into restructure the company, is garnering the same sort of praise as Jamie Dimon. Both are viewed as adults who avoided the excesses of […]

Ford Forges On Without The Government

Consumers seem to prefer buying cars and trucks from companies that look like they have a future even though they may be American. Ford’s share of the domestic market has been increasing and customers that own competing brands are evidently more willing to buy Ford products. From the Wall Street Journal: At the same time, […]

Detroit Auto Companies Look To TARP After Republicans Revolt

The drama continued on Capitol Hill today as the Republican minority in the Senate balked at signing onto the bill to bailout the Detroit auto companies and the Democratic majority said it was giving up. The Bush administration rode to the rescue, indicating that it would save at least GM by diverting TARP funds to […]