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Why The Stimulus May Not Have Stimulated

Arnold Kling points to an interesting study by economists John Taylor and John Cogan. It’s an analysis of the effect of the stimulus from a different and intriguing perspective. They write: Because the ARRA grants to state and local government are fungible and not synchronized with purchases, determining the effect of ARRA on state and […]

Robert Reich Suggests Massive New Stimulus

Robert Reich has a post up at the Business Insider that sounds the trumpets in a call for an all out attack of the faltering economy. He maintains that we’re not facing a double dip, rather we’re still in the midst of the mother of all dips. His solution which includes dismissing any and all […]

President’s Can’t Cure Recessions

From Megan McArdle, here’s one of the best things I’ve read in a long time: Whichever way it works out, one side or another will overattribute the 2012 economy to Obama and the Democrats.  The fact is, the president can’t do much more than tinker around the edges of a $14 trillion economy–for which we […]

Fed Rolls Out The Same Rusty Cannon

Well the Fed has spoken and the Cliff Notes version is that the economy is starting to suck again and their plan is to reinvest their maturing MBS portfolio into Treasuries. Note that they aren’t going to expand their balance sheet, just not let it get smaller. Basically saying this is how they’ll do QE2 […]

Obama Says No Second Stimulus Needed

Well I think you can consign any second (third?) stimulus program to the dustbin. President Obama basically said this morning that he was sticking to his plan, it is having a positive effect and it was designed to work over time. From After beginning his with a recap of his “progress on these challenges […]

The Latest Administration Spin On Fiscal Stimulus

It gets more difficult by the day to figure out exactly where the Obama administration stands on their stimulus plan. Early this week the spin seemed to be that we need to give the stimulus a chance to work, that only a small part of the money had been put to work and blah, blah, […]

Unemployment Report Stirs Things Up

Yesterday’s jobs report seems to have shaken people up. Though he’s been arguing in favor of more stimulus or rather a second stimulus for some time, Paul Krugman amped it up today in a NYT editorial: O.K., Thursday’s jobs report settles it. We’re going to need a bigger stimulus. But does the president know that? […]