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Was Bernanke Trespassing On Treasury’s Fiscal Turf?

Felix Salmon took umbrage with some of Bernanke’s testimony this morning. He seems to think that the Fed Chairman is stepping on Treasury’s turf. This is reasonable enough: after having hit the zero bound, there’s not much which can be said about monetary policy, and fiscal policy is going to be the main driver of […]

Two Different Views Of Economic Imperatives

Alan Blinder has an op-ed piece in the New York Times warning of the dangers of reversing course in economic policy in the near term. Meanwhile Liam Halligan writing in the Telegraph asks where’s deflation.  Blinder recounts the familiar story of the policy errors that the Fed and administration made in 1936 and 1937 that […]

The Road To Economic Recovery?

You can bet that I am not going to be found in a camp opposing restraint on the part of the federal government when it comes to taming this recession. The authorities have one big, mean tiger by the tail and could well get mauled before this is over. I am, however, now and probably […]