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FHA On The Ropes

    Since we’ve already ponied up about $140 billion keeping Frannie afloat, the news that FHA most probably is going to need at least $13   billion to maintain a minimum amount of solvency probably makes you shrug and note it’s just chump change. Keep in mind that once upon a time, a central […]

Case-Shiller, FHA And Home Prices

I’ll jump back into posting with a few thoughts on housing. First, Case-Shiller as out with its July home price survey. It followed the trend of improving prices established over the last couple of months. Nationwide prices were up 1.6% and the number of cities showing price declines dwindled to just two. Here are the […]

FHA’s Growing Problems

Have we learned anything about the risks of mortgage lending over the past couple of years? If a Wall Street Journal article is to be believed, the answer is no. The Journal focuses on the spectacular growth of FHA since Fannie and Freddie melted down and the troubling signs accompanying that growth: Only last week, […]

Is There A Problem Looming With FHA Loans?

This is a chart (click to enlarge) that HousingWire published a couple of days ago. It’s generally interesting but I’d like to focus in on one particular issue. The chart shows loans rolling from current status to 30 days delinquent on a monthly basis. There’s a lot of fluctuation month-to-month caused by a host of […]

FHA May Be Next In Line For A Bailout

For seventy five years FHA has been making loans and never has it had to ask the U.S. taxpayer for a dime. That may be about to change. Rising defaults are seriously depleting the agencies reserve fund. About 7.5% of its loans are seriously delinquent versus 6.2% a year earlier. Its reserve fund is down […]