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Pimco’s El-Erian: Bernanke Is Signaling Less Fed Activism

Commenting on Fed Chairman Bernanke’s testimony today, Pimco’s Mohamed El-Erian had this to say: By virtue of its greater flexibility and responsiveness, the Fed ended up assuming the main role in responding to the crisis, with fiscal and other agencies (including the FDIC) playing important support roles. It is now the turn of the fiscal […]

The Fight For Fed Independence

You may have heard of a petition that is making the rounds of economists calling on Congress and the Executive Branch to do certain things to ensure the independence of the Fed. Here is a link to the WSJ Real Time Economics Blog that has the wording of the petition and the signatories so far. […]

The Fed’s Unpublished Outlook For Interest Rates

It would be pretty hard to come up with a number for the amount of pixels that have been expended discussing the impact of increasing budgets and budget deficits on future interest rates, it’s no doubt an astronomical amount. Little did we know that the Fed had already calculated the answer. The Telegraph reports that […]

Fed’s Not Ready To End Life Support Anytime Soon

The Fed has announced that it’s extending the maturity of most of its alphabet soup of lending programs from the end of the year until February 2010. Here is the opening paragraph of their statement: The Federal Reserve on Thursday announced extensions of and modifications to a number of its liquidity programs. Conditions in financial […]

Does Bernanke Get A Second Term?

One of the bigger guessing games in Washington over the next year or so is going to be the fate of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. President Obama gave him a pat on the back today which set off a round of “Bens In” talk but it’s a long time until reappointment and there are lots […]

The Fed Shouldn’t Be Part Of Obama’s New Regulatory Regime

I’ve read a lot of opinion on the new financial system regulations and written little about them for the simple reason that I believe the Congress will substantially alter what the Obama team delivered. Much of the punditry is premature in my view. There is, however, one issue upon which many seem in agreement and […]

Open Season On The Fed

Kind of listening to all of the blather about the new regulatory proposals with one ear this morning. As I keep saying, don’t get too worked up, this thing is going to end up on a back burner for some time. The most telling comments that I heard this morning came from Barney Frank and […]