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The Eurozone Had An Unusual Trade Deficit In February

The Eurozone’s exports fell by 24% in February leading to fears that the worst might still be ahead for the region. While it may be a one month phenomenon, the Eurozone also ran a trade deficit of 2 billion euros versus a 1.7 billion euro surplus in February 2008. Traditionally it has run a trade […]

Will The Asian Export Model Survive?

The Economist has a short interesting story on the Asian export model. The article notes how the export oriented strategy grew among many Asian countries, how it became the essential strength of their economies and the devastation that the collapse in demand has wreaked on the strategy. The article poses this question at the end. How […]

Asia’s Export Economies-A Failed Model?

The Wall Street Journal has a dry but important piece this morning on the decline in Chinese manufacturing. The numbers that the Chinese are reporting may or may not accurately reflect the reality of the current state of the Chinese economy but even if puffed up they point to an economy heading towards recession. Which […]