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How Much Money Does It Take To Bury A Guy?

In a refreshing break from stories about Wall Street bankers greed here’s one of greed in the oil patch. Nabors Industries Ltd., an Houston oil drilling concern, has cut the death benefits for its chairman and CEO, Eugene Isenberg. It seems as if Mr. Isenberg’s heirs are going to have to get by on $100 […]

Sliding Around The Executive Comp Rules

The Washington Post is out with a story about the Obama administration’s plan to bypass the law regulating executive compensation for recipients of government aid.  You probably remember all of the angst that accompanied TARP. Amid all of the debate, rightly or wrongly, Congress saw fit to impose restrictions on executive pay and bonuses for […]

Compensation And TARP ll: Further Thoughts

A couple thoughts on the compensation guidelines and the sturm and drang over the proposed programs to deal with the banks. First, I wrote a post on the new compensation programs earlier and opined that they were largely toothless. They apply to a couple of institutions and have limited application to others. After further thought […]

Obama’s Compensation Limits Amount To Zip

My oh my are the bloggers up in arms about the Obama compensation plans. The gnashing of teeth can be heard all the way out here in the West. It turns out that the new regulations are basically pablum. You can get all the details at the Treasury Departments web site. It’s actually pretty short […]