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IMF Chief Throws EU Banks Under The Bus

I thought we got this under control a couple of years ago: Sounding a stark warning to stronger European countries such as Britain and Germany, the new IMF chief (Christine Lagarde) said: “We could easily see the further spread of economic weakness to core countries, or even a debilitating liquidity crisis.” To reduce these risks, […]

A Couple Of Interesting Thoughts

Here are a couple of the more interesting ideas I’ve run across in the past couple of days. Though you are probably like me, bored to death with blog posts on income inequality, Scott Winship has come up with an interesting theory. He postulates that the much lamented increase in inequality in the US might […]

European Banks Face Second Stress Wave

One of the Sultans of Doom, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard actually has something positive to say about U.S. banks today. Mind you, it comes via a comparison with the sad plight of European banks, but, hey, we’ll take small positives anywhere we find them. In the he points out that the European banks like the American […]

Europeans Are Happy To Take AIG’s Money

No surprise here. The Europeans aren’t extending any sympathy to the U.S. taxpayer for the money their banks collected from AIG. The lobbed this little bomblet our way: Some in Washington are already singing the predictable tune: US taxpayers’ money was used to bail out European banks. But the decision to bail out AIG […]

Another European Bank Problem

I guess this is one of those good news/bad news stories. The Telegraph reported yesterday that European banks have built up a $2 trillion funding gap. The banks were basically borrowing in their local currencies to finance the acquisition of dollar assets. They have been able to cover their positions by buying dollars short term […]