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Some Random Thoughts On A Slow Day

Aside from President Obama getting rained out in Chicago and some video feed that purports to be a saw cutting through the riser on the remains of the Deepwater Horizon’s drilling apparatus, there isn’t a whole lot going on in and around this country. Just the way a holiday should be. That gives me the […]

Why Is Europe Recovering More Quickly?

The somewhat shocking news that Europe and particularly those two mixed-economy giants, France and Germany, appear to be emerging from their recession more swiftly than we are, has some free market types asking some atypical questions. First, if you haven’t seen it here from the WSJ is a quick look at what’s going on: Germany […]

Europe’s Economic Disaster

I didn’t get around to the European economic numbers yesterday which is inexcusable because in many ways they may have been the biggest news item of the day. The data is simply ghastly, and that may be putting it too mildly. From the Economist: The euro area is falling into such a deep hole that […]

The Eurozone Had An Unusual Trade Deficit In February

The Eurozone’s exports fell by 24% in February leading to fears that the worst might still be ahead for the region. While it may be a one month phenomenon, the Eurozone also ran a trade deficit of 2 billion euros versus a 1.7 billion euro surplus in February 2008. Traditionally it has run a trade […]

Simon Johnson On The Need To Save Europe

Simon Johnson has a must read piece in the Telegraph. It’s title is “G-20’s Real Agenda Should be Saving Europe From Itself. In case you aren’t familiar with Mr. Johnson, he was the chief economist for the IMF and is widely respected. Mr. Johnson also writes a blog called the Baseline Scenario which day in and day […]

Europe’s Economy Spirals Downward

The financial crisis in Europe is getting deeper. For the fourth quarter output fell 1.5%. Forecasts now are for a 3% decline for 2009. Virtually no country within the Eurozone escaped from the ravages but Germany seems to have been particularly hard hit. Its economy contracted by 2.1% during the quarter. The German economy relies […]