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When Does Greece Leave The Euro Behind?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece about Marine Pen Le Pen’s surge in French politics and her intent to unlink France from the Euro. The point was that Ms. Le Pen may or may not be the first to divorce the Euro but that someone in some EU country was going to […]

Taking France Out Of The Euro

If you want to see what utter failure among a group of developed countries looks like, take a look at these series of charts from Eurostat. ┬áIt’s a compilation of the unemployment situation in the EU. I won’t put up the whole series but here are a couple that pretty much sum up the disaster […]

A Couple Of Interesting Thoughts

Here are a couple of the more interesting ideas I’ve run across in the past couple of days. Though you are probably like me, bored to death with blog posts on income inequality, Scott Winship has come up with an interesting theory. He postulates that the much lamented increase in inequality in the US might […]

Random Thoughts

Just a few thoughts on the past week. Fannie And Strategic Defaulters Fannie Mae managed somehow to make itself even more unliked in just about every circle with its announcement that it would attempt to bring back debtors’ prisons or at least make life very difficult for anyone walking away from their home. It’s becoming […]

Feldstein On The Prospects For The Euro

For those of you who are wonkishly inclined and interested in the prospects for the EU, you might want to check out this on It’s by Martin Feldstein, a noted skeptic on the viablilty of the euro. Feldstein corrects some misconceptions concerning his earlier comments about the euro and reprises the basis for his […]

The Euro And The Economic Landscape-Two Sober Assessments

Here are a couple of thought provoking articles from the, just in case you start burning out on football. The first is by the always interesting Ambrose Evans-Pritchard and it talks about the first ten years of the Euro. Assumed to be doomed to failure by many, the Euro has survived and prospered and […]