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Is Greece Coming Back?

There is a chance that Greece may have possibly, hopefully, cross your fingers passed through the worst of its nightmare. From the FT  The new mood is bolstered by positive signals in official economic statistics. Latest figures suggest Greece is on track for modest growth of 0.6 per cent next year after a six-year recession that […]

The Greek Solution

In case you missed it, the Euros pretty much executed the mother of all can kickings today as they rolled out their latest scheme to solve the Greek debt debacle. Basically the Greeks were told by the powers that be not to worry about repaying any debt for the foreseeable future and they would also […]

Economy 2011: The Half Empty Case

Like most of you I think that we are in the midst of a recovery though it is tepid at best and fraught with peril from any number of different quarters. The market action today certainly kicked the New Year off in a positive direction. So with that qualification let me direct you to two […]

The Twilight Of The EU

There was a lot of talk bouncing around the blogosphere the past few days about an apparent move towards closer monetary union among the EU members. Driving that speculation were some comments from Germany’s Finance Minister. Germany is open to a discussion over whether countries that share the euro currency should harmonize their fiscal policy, […]

The EU Tries To Save Ireland And Itself

Well, Act l of the Irish soap opera appears to have concluded today.  As expected, the EU and various other European states stepped up to provide a fistful of money for Ireland to finance its ongoing borrowing requirements and to once more try and recapitalize and fix its banking system. The Business Insider and Joe […]

Spain’s Unemployment Rate Soars

The unemployment rate in Spain at the end of the first quarter rose to 17.4%.  That’s up from 13.9% at the end of the year. The country is on the verge of uncontrollable downward spiral as they appear to be running out of the financial capacity to stimulate the economy. The deficit is expected to […]

Facing Reality The EU Prepares For Quantitative Easing

Better late than never. The reality of a recession bordering on a depression within some of their member states has finally dawned on the financial geniuses of the EU. Accordingly, they appear ready to engage in quantitative easing. The reports that though an official announcement has not been forthcoming the deal is indeed done. […]