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The EPA’s Ethanol Mandate Exception

Last week I wrote a short piece on Kim Strassel’s article about the lone refiner which was exempted from the EPA’s ethanol mandates. Briefly, these mandates force refiners to blend a certain amount of ethanol into their gasoline. The problem is that the level mandated exceeds the amount needed for the current level of gasoline production. […]

Fannie, Freddie, EPA And Big Money

If you think reform of the mortgage system which includes ridding the world of Fannie and Freddie  is likely you might want to consider this. Fannie Mae said it will make a $10.2 billion dividend payment in September to the U.S. Treasury for its rescue aid. After that payment, which comes on the heels of […]

Did Cap-And-Trade Die Today?

Did the Obama administration put a knife in cap-and-trade intentionally or was it just a government snafu? In case you missed the news, the White Office Office of Management and the Budget wrote a memo warning of adverse economic consequences that might result from regulating carbon emmissions and questioned the application of the precautionary policy […]

Will EPA Greenhouse Gas Regulations Prompt Massive Litigation?

Cap-and-trade legislation continues to wind its way through the House and as you know faces an uncertain fate in the Senate. Failing passage some time later this year the EPA is standing by to do via regulatory fiat what isn’t done by legislation. That might be a nightmare. The WSJ has a brief story about […]

The EPA Finds Carbon Dioxide Poses A Danger

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has issued a finding that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases pose a danger to the public.  Depending upon which side of the global warming debate you happen to occupy this is either very good or very bad news. For the time being it’s pretty much a non-event. Here’s the […]