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Will We Frack

That the US is sitting on an ocean of oil and gas has been well reported. Whether the development of those resources proceeds is still up in the air. Joel Kotkin examined the dilemma facing President Obama and the Democrats. Talk all you want about theĀ fiscal cliff, but more important still will be how the […]

Was It Energy Prices, Not Housing That Caused The Recession?

What would you think if someone told you that all of the reasons advanced so far about the causes of this nasty recession were false and that there was another very simple explanation? If you’re like me you might want to not know about it. Throwing out all of the notions, ideas and conclusions running […]

Is The Sun Coming Up On The Economy?

OK, if any of you can figure this out let me know. I put up a post a couple down from this one that noted bankruptcies, plant closings and layoffs from some of the industrial titans of the world. At the same time, there’s an article in the WSJ that says that some pretty smart […]

Going Green May Be A Little Harder For Obama

Barack Obama has led something of a charmed political life this year. From his improbable defeat of Hillary Clinton to the walkover of John McCain it has been a case of just about everything breaking in his favor. It looked like at least the first few months of his new administration would continue down the […]