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Dissecting The Texas Jobs “Miracle”

Before you start throwing darts at me, know that this isn’t a pro-Rick Perry post. I don’t know too much about the guy at this point and by and large what I do know hasn’t caused me to conclude that he’s the man. What this is about is a recommendation to read a post at […]

Employment Slogs Ahead

After a week or so of pretty middling economic news – paltry GDP growth in the first quarter, continuing increases in applications for unemployment insurance and weakness in the ISM measurement of services sector strength – there was more than a bit of breath holding in advance of this mornings April employment report. The breeze […]

Whither Employment? A Bullish View

OK, I don’t have much time tonight but this is a fascinating collection of data that Mike Mandel put together. You need to go to his post for an explanation of the data and his conclusion about what it all means for employment this year. It will challenge your negative thoughts. I’ll digest a bit […]

Not Everyone Has Quit Hiring

From a very good opinion piece in the WSJ on Saturday, here are some thoughts to consider: The increasing size of the federal work force is an early indication of what lies ahead. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in the last year the federal government added 86,000 permanent (non-Census) jobs to the rolls. […]

The Light And Dark Sides Of The Employment Report

Feeling a little down about the recovery after that employment report this morning? I can’t blame  you, but maybe it’s not quite as bad as you think. At least the opinions of a group of economists surveyed by the WSJ indicate that we shouldn’t overreact. –The May employment report underscores the fragility of the economic […]

Weekly Unemployment Claims

It bores me as much to write about this as it probably does you to read about it but the numbers are important and as good a coincident indicator as you can get with respect to the economy. Initial claims for unemployment came in at 570,000 which represents a decrease of 10,000 from the prior […]

Furloughs Forever

As if all the prognostications about a jobless recovery and permanently higher structural unemployment weren’t enough, along comes an observer who suggests that some of the nasty workplace innovations that came from this recession are here to stay. Writing in BusinessWeek Chris Farrell to suggest that furloughs, pay cuts and other “innovative” corporate solutions are […]