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Elizabeth Warren: Pointing Out Problems, Offering No Solutions

Elizabeth Warren weighed in today with her assessment of the reason for the slow pace of loan modifications as well as the banks’ purported reluctance to lend. In her opinion it’s a problem caused by accounting rules. Business Week reports that Warren is of the opinion that accounting changes that permit banks to value their […]

Elizabeth Warren States The Obvious

Let me be right upfront about this. I don’t like Elizabeth Warren or this rump panel she chairs that Congress created to provide oversight for TARP. They’re prone to grandstanding and operating outside their purview and today’s missive was another example of that. Today, they reported out a statement that the banks continue to hold troubled […]

Elizabeth Warren And The Limits Of Her Responsibility

The Congressional TARP oversight panel chaired by Elizabeth Warren is out with its latest missive. She is scheduled to testify on the contents tomorrow. Generally, they find little to criticize but they do suggest that the stress tests be redone if the economy worsens. Overall it’s pretty bland but Warren seems intent on stretching the […]

An Interview With Elizabeth Warren

Tech Ticker has a really good interview with Elizabeth Warren, the head of the TARP oversight committee. I can’t embed it so you’ll have to follow the link to take a peek at it. Despite all of the negatives written about her in the past few weeks she comes across as a charming, intelligent woman […]