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Dimon Sees Positive Economic Signs

Warning to perma-bears this is a “green shoot” post. Speaking to the Business Council, Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase’s CEO, said that the distress across the economy seems to be easing: “The TALF program seems to be working in credit cards, so credit-card, student-loan and other rates are coming down,” Mr. Dimon said. On the recession, […]

Sunday Spin

Same day, different spin on the economy from the White House. President Obama who is wrapping up a meeting with nations of the Americas the President said that the U.S. has a ways to go before recovery> “We’re not out of the woods. This is still a difficult time for the economy. Credit is still contracted,” […]

It Wasn’t All Bad News Today

A couple good pieces of economic news were buried under all the auto company talk today. I had to go overseas to find it but there it was. In the U.K. there is some sign that the decline in housing prices is declining and the number of loan applications for purchases was at the highest […]

Economic Numbers Spark Some Optimism

Larry Kudlow aside, there are a few fairly intelligent people venturing forth with the argument that if nothing else, things aren’t getting worse anymore. That’s not to say that they are getting better just that the rate of decline is abating. Across the Curve has an analysis of the auto numbers that came out today. […]

Why It’s Going To Be A Long Haul For Phoenix Real Estate

The Urban Land Institute had its annual Phoenix real estate conference on Thursday. The conference is well regarded as it tends to bring in outsiders without any axe to grind to offer their assessment of the Phoenix real estate market and its prospects. The analysis presented by the participants wasn’t too attractive. “Growth locally (in […]

Text Of Obama’s Speech On The Economy

If you haven’t read President-elect Obama’s speech today here is a link to it. Overall, I thought it was a pretty good rally the spirits sort of address. Not much new in terms of actual policy but he seems to be sticking to his base plan of combining tax cuts with direct federal spending. At […]

One Analyst Thinks Banks Are A Steal

I don’t know if this guy is smoking something illegal or if he has insights that everyone else has missed, but he deserves a hearing on guts alone. Richard Bove, a bank analyst thinks bank stocks are an excellent value and that the negative assumptions about the U.S. economy may be excessive. Mr. Bove sees […]