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Inflation: A Cure For The Great Recession?

It’s getting to the point that you almost feel sorry for economists. Kenneth Rogoff has an opinion piece in the Financial Times in which he seems to be groping for the next magic bullet to fire at economies. Indeed, the question of whether the largest advanced economy regions are going to experience a double-dip recession is […]

Interesting Take On Economists

I’ve voiced some frustration over the past few weeks with economists and their petty spats. I have also had the growing feeling that despite all of their blogs and obtuse discussions that they really don’t have a clue as to what’s truly transpiring with the world’s economy right now much less how to repair it. […]

Krugman Picks Another Fight

I noted a couple of days ago in a post that spats between economists made for pretty dull entertainment. That doesn’t seem to have stopped Paul Krugman from going after another one of his brethren. For a guy who’s been turning over nothing but aces the past few months, I don’t quite understand why Krugman […]

Why Charlie Wheelan Needs To Broaden His Base

Greg Mankiw has a post up asking all economists to endorse Charlie Wheelan, a University of Chicago economist, for Congressman from the 5th District of Illinois. He is running in a special election to fill the seat vacated by Rahm Emanue. Here is his platform: Charlie Wheelan is running for Congress as a centrist Democrat. His […]

What Do The Economists Know For Sure?

Tell me once again why we let these people design our economic policy. Amity Shales has a new post up that discusses the New Deal and the Great Depression. Actually, she doesn’t really discuss that subject rather she talks about whether or not economists agree on the impact of the New Deal in helping to turn […]

Why Do We Continue To Listen To Economists?

Yves Smith’s, Naked Capitalism blog, has quite a good post this morning about economists. She essentially asks why economists haven’t stepped forth and admitted that they were missing in action for most of the decade. She notes that none called attention to the dangerous practices and developments of the early part of this century and when things […]

How One Economist’s Warning About The Dangers Was Ignored

Here is a striking example of how group think among the world’s supposedly savviest economists led them to completely ignore a warning about what we have come now to know as a disaster. In 2005 Raghuram Rajan, a professor at the University of Chicago’s business school and something of a free market proponent, presented a paper that nailed […]