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We’re Still Tracking The Depression

Martin Wolf has a somewhat disquieting column in the FT. He notes that the current recession is striking in the manner in which it is tracking the Great Depression. From the FT: Two economic historians, Barry Eichengreen of the University of California at Berkeley and Kevin O’Rourke of Trinity College, Dublin, have provided pictures worth more […]

An Historian’s View Of The Banking Crisis

Bloomberg has an interview with historian Liaquat Ahamed that’s pretty intriguing. He discusses the similarities between the banking crisis of the 1930’s and today. Ahamed: Under Herbert Hoover, Congress created the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, which was designed to provide loans to banks. It started in 1932, and it provided about $1.5 billion in loans that year. Then […]

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard Holds Forth On The Dark Days

For those who need a dose of doom today, here is an interview with Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. He’s at his best telling us to quit talking about how close we are to a depression and realize we’re living one. Enjoy!    

Is There Any Danger Of The EU Imploding?

Earlier this week, Jake who writes the EconomPicData blog asked for input from his readers as to whether or not one or more members of the European Union might opt out of the compact. His question was prompted by a lot of back and forth in the European press as to whether or not such […]

Asia’s Export Economies-A Failed Model?

The Wall Street Journal has a dry but important piece this morning on the decline in Chinese manufacturing. The numbers that the Chinese are reporting may or may not accurately reflect the reality of the current state of the Chinese economy but even if puffed up they point to an economy heading towards recession. Which […]

A Buyer For Indymac And A Grim Call From HSBC-Someone’s Wrong

Two interesting developments. One quite positive and the other more than a little disconcerting. The NYTis reporting that  a deal has been struck to buy IndyMac Bank. What makes it interesting is that the buyers are all either private equity or hedge funds. Even more interesting is the fact that they have all been sniffing […]

Ignoring History And Veering Towards Protectionism

The dangerous part of the current world economic crisis is just getting underway. Events that can’t be controlled by a Federal Reserve, Bush or Obama administration are starting to unfold and the eventual impact they may have is not now known. Throughout history, sudden shifts in economies and the weal of the majority have resulted […]