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Pelosi As Democrats’ Sea Anchor

I’ve pretty much refrained from writing about the recent elections, not because I wasn’t tuned in so much as I thought that there was a surplus of information and opinion. Most of what has been written will turn out to be wrong as events shape outcomes in spite of the best attempts of the political […]

The Democrats Can’t Think Outside Their Box

If you’re looking for a little weekend reading that will challenge you a bit then you could do much worse than Walter Russell Mead’s post on why the Democratic Party’s model won’t work in the 21st Century. He tackles the conundrum as to why at a time of economic distress the Democratic Party’s traditional big […]

What Congress Plans To Do For Labor

The Democrats owe a lot to the labor unions and affiliated labor friendly organizations. They poured a lot of cash and manpower into the last election to good result. Now it’s payback time. Like it or not that’s the way it works. The current economic environment may cause some deferral of debt repayment. Protectionist measures […]

Putting A Racial Spin On Economic Recovery

What gives with the racism attacks on the Bush administration by the Washington Post and New York Times opinion guys over the past two days. You would think that after kicking butt in the election they would be happy to just enyoy the Holidays and swing back into action next week. First, Krugman steps out […]

Let The Games Begin

The 111th Congress convenes on Monday. If you are in any sort of business, in fact if you are a citizen of this country or you happen to be a citizen of the world and believe that what happens in the U.S. has more than a passing impact on you then you might want to […]