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Money’s Free So Let’s Do Infrastructure

The Left Blogosphere is jumping all over a comment which Larry Summers made yesterday. Here’s the comment: The example I always like to use is Kennedy Airport is going to be repaired. It is going to be repaired at some point. Potholes in roads are going to be filled. The question is whether we’re going […]

Deficit Financing: Planning Ahead

Donald Maron has a great post on Treasury securities and the current maturity schedule. It’s short and too the point. Bottom line, the Treasury has been financing the current deficit with short dated securities which makes good sense but sooner or later you have to lengthen them as rates rise. Maron has a good suggestion […]

How Do You Fill The Deficit Hole?

Something to keep you tossing and turning this evening or if you read it in the morning spoil your whole day. From EconomistMom: How about $14 trillion?  $9 trillion ($9.051 trillion) is the Obama Administration’s 10-year deficit projection based on their own economic forecast and their own estimate of the costs of their policy proposals (as proposed in […]

Ten Year Deficit Estimate Expected To Explode

The White House has leaked their estimate of the projected 10 year deficit which will be officially announced next week. It projects a whopping $2 trillion increase. From The White House is likely to dramatically increase its projected 10-year budget deficit estimate next week by nearly $2 trillion, senior administration officials said Friday. Obama […]