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Fannie And Freddie May Balloon Our Balance Sheet

Remember when we were young and innocent and worried about mundane things such as what in the world would happen if Fannie or Freddie failed. We were assured that could never ever happen and of course if something went wrong it would all be worked out with minimal cost to the taxpayer. Seems like ages […]

Ken Rogoff Wants Inflation Target Set At 6%

A noted economist has suggested that the Fed needs to set an inflation target far higher than the one announced yesterday. Kenneth Rogoff, formerly the chief economist of the IMF, said that the rate needs to be 5% to 6%. The good professor was one of the few who called the crisis ahead of time and now […]

A Couple Of Economic Data Points

Jake at EconomPicData had a chart this morning that really caught my eye. Take a look at the growth in debt across all sectors since 1998. Now visualize the likely growth of the government components going forward. On another front, Japan’s industrial output fell 8.1% in November versus October. That’s the biggest one month decline on record.  […]