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Can Congress Level With The Public?

We all to some extent exist in separate realities. Normally they aren’t too different which allows us to co-exist with our neighbors. Every now and then they get radically out of line, communication becomes impossible and the state has to step in and control the party that has strayed too far from the norm. What […]

Anybody Have Any Idea If The Banks Are Lending Or Not?

One of the central themes of the announcement out of Britain today regarding their newest bank bailout was that it would include regulations that forced the banks to start lending again. That’s not far off the tone in a lot of comments that come from Washington. How real a problem is it? Before I go a […]

Why Houses Weren’t The Only Bubble

Jake at put up this chart this morning. Like a lot of his work, it makes a point with little need for a lot of elaboration. We all know auto companies like a lot of other retail merchandise relied on financing to goose the growth of the last few years. What we probably don’t […]

Minneapolis Fed Has A Thougtful Take On Bank Lending

Wordsmithing is not one of the skills that one normally associates with Fed economists, so their announcement that the country is suffering from “credit vertigo” falls short in the snappy phrase category. Nonetheless, the study by the Minneapolis Fed does describe a credit market that is searching for its sea legs. The common assumption that […]