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Risk Aversion Pervades The Markets

Floyd Norris has a good article in the NYT today. He pretty much dispels the myth that corporate credit markets have returned to normal, suggesting instead that they are functioning mostly on the basis of government guarantees. One paragraph caught my eye: It could be seen as a disappointment that the $500 billion in government-guaranteed […]

Credit Markets Behaving Badly

I hate to beat this drum again, but the credit markets continue to act like they are increasingly spooked. Bloomberg reports that Libor is on the rise again. The London interbank offered rate, or Libor, that banks say they charge each other for three-month loans climbed to 1.33 percent yesterday, the highest level since Jan. […]

Are The Credit Markets Tanking Again? The WSJ Says Yes

The WSJ says this evening that credit markets are seizing up again. They base their argument largely on increases in Libor rates as well as a widening of spreads for corporate debt. Short-term credit markets are still performing better than they did last year thanks to government programs to buy commercial paper and guarantee short-term […]

The Beige Book Paints Another Black Picture

The infamous beige book report was released by the Fed. Initial reports are that it makes for somewhat grim reading. The WSJ Real Time Economics site says that the report paints a picture of a financial sector still in a downward spiral. The New York Fed reported that “a contact monitoring the financial sector maintains […]

Is The Sun Coming Up On The Economy?

OK, if any of you can figure this out let me know. I put up a post a couple down from this one that noted bankruptcies, plant closings and layoffs from some of the industrial titans of the world. At the same time, there’s an article in the WSJ that says that some pretty smart […]