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Consumer Price Report And Some Thoughts On Inflation From Volcker

In case you missed it, producer prices were up 0.8% in January after falling 1.9% in December. Core producer prices – minus energy and food prices – was up 0.4%. In other words, the deflation devil is not in the room yet. Economic reaction at the Wall Stret Journal Real Time Economics blog included these […]

Prices Stayed Flat In December-Deflation For January?

As if you needed any further evidence that deflation is not that far away, the CPI for December provided it. Consumer prices fell by 0.7% and the core rate was basically flat. The numbers are seasonally adjusted. Another number that was released was industrial production. It was down 2% for December versus November. That was […]

Two Big Events Tomorrow

One more thought before I wander off to the land of Nod. Two big things come down tomorrow. One is pretty much baked in the cake and the other will tell quite a tale. The first is the Fed’s interest rate target announcement. We all know rates are going down the question is by how […]