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Are We Just Paying Lip Service To Saving More?

In response to a comment on another blog earlier this week that Americans are consumers and will continue to consume rather than save, Paul Kedrosky asks his readers for their opinion. Kedrosky contends that the savings rate will hit 7% fairly quickly and stay there for awhile. You can go to his site and vote […]

Wells Fargo Says Recession Ends In Six Months

Wells Fargo had a little bit of feel good Christmas news for everyone today. They announced that the recession will end in the third quarter of 2009 with the consumer leading the way out. What is shaping up as the deepest and longest recession since the 1930s will end in the second half of 2009, […]

Consumers Can Still Fog A Mirror

Down but not out, the American consumer showed that he had more staying power than given credit for. Sales for November were down 1.8% but that beat most of the bearish expectations. This wasn’t enough to satisfy a lot of economists and in the interest of fairness, let me direct you to the WSJ economics […]