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A Novel Solution To The Commercial Real Estate Problem

The Financial Times has an article about one group’s plans to refinance commercial real estate. Their plan is to not refinance all of the maturing debt with more debt. They plan to use equity. The idea is to refinance existing CRE with equity raised via a REIT vehicle. The REIT would hold title to the […]

What Is Plan C And How Will They Solve The CRE Conundrum

The Washington Post has a good article on the Treasury Department’s new task force charged with closing the barn door now that the horses are long gone. It’s called Plan C and their job is to figure out where the next disaster might be lurking in the financial system. That’s how the Post describes their […]

Take Note Of The Vultures Circling Commercial Real Estate

When the vultures start flocking is that a good sign for the economy? It may seem perverse but there’s probably some truth there. That’s why I take a little bit of hope out of this article in The Deal: When it comes to investing, especially in real estate, the conventional wisdom is the best time […]

Commercial Real Estate Free Fall

Sometimes it pays to be late to a story. In this case, the decline in commercial property values probably has a lot to do with the problems community banks appear to be facing which I discussed in the post below. First, the facts. According to the WSJ, Moody’s Investors Services reported today that their index […]

New SoCal Office Building Sold At 40% Discount To Cost

Ouch! Maguire Properties, a beleagured Los Angeles real estate investment trust, just sold a brand new building in Irvine, Ca. for $160 million, about 60% of its construction cost. The WSJ reports that the Emmes Group of Cos., a New York real estate investment firm, bought the property for about $300 a square foot. The […]

John Paulson’s Looking Towards Real Estate

I suspect that you can either make a great deal of money following the lead of recently successful investors or lose a lot of money by doing so. For those of you who subscribe to the first part of that sentence, you might want to take notice of the recent investments undertaken by John Paulson. […]

Hotel Jingle Mail

This is a minor story about the foreclosure of a hotel in San Diego but it says a lot about the state of commercial real estate right now. Sunstone Hotel Investors, LLC, a publicly held California REIT has said it will surrender its ownership in the W Hotel San Diego after attempts to restructure its […]