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A Quick Roundup Of The Morning News

As the markets comes to grips with the fact that China is not going to conjure up some magic that will pull the world out of the doldrums, let’s do a quick wrap-up of the news and data. First, of course, is China. I didn’t understand all the heavy panting yesterday about the supposedly imminent […]

Citi Is Asking The Government To Convert Its Preferred-What’s Up?

Go out to dinner and the whole world crashes down. Give me a break. Apparently, according to the WSJ, Citi is in talks with the government about converting its preferred stock interest into common stock. The details are anything but clear, however, here is how the WSJ is reporting it: Under the scenario being considered, a […]

Chrysler, Cerberus and Real Estate-Nothing Is Quite What It Seems To Be

This is another story I picked up in the Wall Street journal yesterday. It involves, Chrysler, Cerberus, the city of Auburn Hills, Michigan, Citibank and of course the U.S. taxpayer. In the grand scheme of things these days it is relatively puny in monetary terms but it’s nevertheless interesting to see all of the twists, turns, interlocking relationships and […]