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China: A Protectionist Gambit?

It should be interesting when Congress starts sinking its teeth into this one. From the FT: China has introduced an explicit “Buy Chinese” policy as part of its economic stimulus programme in a move that will amplify tensions with trade partners and increase the likelihood of protectionism around the world. In an edict released jointly by nine […]

Doubts On China’s Trade Numbers

This is a follow-up to a brief post that I put up yesterday regarding China’s May export and import data. I pretty much just reported the data, one of the key components being that exports were down 26.4% year-over-year and imports shrank 25.2% for the same period. A couple bloggers picked up on a point […]

Chinese Exports Continue to Decline

China’s export machine still isn’t working. The Telegraph reports that exports from China were down 26.4% last month from the comparable period in 2008. Exports totaled $89 billion and imports came in at $75.4 billion so the company is still running a healthy surplus. Exports were up 0.2% over April while imports were up 4.4%. […]

Now Russia’s Promoting A New World Currency

The smackdowns of the U.S. dollar continue. This time Russian President Medvedev is pounding on the table.  Medvedev is basically echoing the rants that have come out of China about the supremacy of the dollar and proposes the same fantasy of some supra-national currency oriented around the IMF and its special drawing rights units. Until […]

GM Dumps Hummer On China

A week or so ago I wrote a post about a Chinese group buying a piece of the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers. At that time I said it was in Yogi Berra’s immortal words, deja vous all over again. A country and its citizens hit the big time exporting cheap products all over the world and […]

A Chinese Group Buys Into The NBA

The Chinese central bank might still be buying Treasuries but it looks like the private sector wants more tangible U.S. assets. The WSJ reports that a Chinese conglomerate is on the cusp of buying a 15% interest in the group that owns the Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA. The Cleveland Cavaliers have signed an agreement […]

China And Electricity Usage

I’m beginning to sound like a broken record on the subject of growth in China’s economy, so I promise this will be the last I write about it. Unless, of course, I find something really compelling. John Gould at the Atlantic takes up the same meme I’ve been pounding on — the growth numbers are hard […]