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China’s Real Estate Boom And Fiscal Stimulus

I let myself get a little behind on my China reading this week but just caught up with two excellent posts by Michael Pettis. After casting about trying to understand a bit what was going on in that country and where it might be headed I found his blog and now use it as the […]

What Can China Do With $2 Trillion

So China now says it’s going to use its $2 trillion in reserves to purchase real assets instead of just accumulating foreign exchange reserves and financial assets. Good luck! Two trillion dollars is an awful lot of money. In fact, it’s almost not possible to spend that much money without buying a big piece of […]

First Look At China’s Second Quarter Numbers

From FoxBusiness, here are the headline numbers on China’s GDP for the second quarter: China’s gross domestic product expanded by 7.9% in the three months ended June 30 from the year-ago period, driven by domestic consumption and a strong increase in industrial activity, Chinese government data showed Thursday. The growth rate was higher than the […]

China’s Wandering Millions

If you sometimes wonder why China is so hell bent on keeping economic growth at high levels the following article might open your eyes a bit. It comes via Capital Gains and Games and was written by a sociology professor at Columbia: The conventional term for internal migrants in China is “floating population,” a phrase […]

Chinese President Begs Off G8 Meeting To Attent To Riots At Home

I guess things are as bad or worse in China’s Xinjiang province as the news reports indicate. Fox is reporting that the Chinese President has bailed out of the G8 meeting to attend to the crisis: Chinese President Hu Jintao cut short his stay in Italy and cancelled his attendance at this week’s Group of […]

China Works On Its Own Real Estate Bubble

It’s nice to know that Americans aren’t the only people in the world that believe real estate prices can never stop going up. Apparently the Chinese share our affinity for bubbles. From MarketWatch, real  estate prices in China are going through the roof: Beijing’s property prices are climbing at an unsustainable rate, with residential property […]

China’s Bank Lending Spree

There were a couple of very good analyses this weekend of China’s banking system and some perceived mistakes that the country’s rulers have made in their attempts to right the economy. Neither is particularly bullish for China or for that matter the rest of us. First, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in the Telegraph talks about the growing […]