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Investors Fleeing Cerberus

I guess this isn’t a big surprise but probably worth noting anyway and I do have an ulterior motive for writing this post which I shall divulge at the end. At any rate, Cerberus, the giant operator of hedge funds not the mythical dog, is watching its investors leave in droves. Here is how the […]

Cerberus Wants The Government To Throw Good Money After Bad

The Baseline Scenario has a post by James Kwak that draws a nice distinction between bailing out Chrysler as opposed to GM. Mr. Kwak effectively points out that as a privately owned firm, its owners should be willing to commit additional funds to the enterprise if they believe the viability arguments in the plan they […]

Chrysler, Cerberus and Real Estate-Nothing Is Quite What It Seems To Be

This is another story I picked up in the Wall Street journal yesterday. It involves, Chrysler, Cerberus, the city of Auburn Hills, Michigan, Citibank and of course the U.S. taxpayer. In the grand scheme of things these days it is relatively puny in monetary terms but it’s nevertheless interesting to see all of the twists, turns, interlocking relationships and […]

The Fed Approves GMAC’s Bank Application

The New York Times is out with a report that the Fed has approved GMAC’s application to become a bank. So you can add several more billion dollars to the Detroit bailout commitment as GMAC will now be able to tap the TARP. The anomalies just keep getting stranger and stranger as this moves on. […]