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“Cash For Clunkers” Ending Soon

You know it’s a slow news day when you stoop to reporting that the C4C program is going to be wound down. The program was supposed to end after September 7 but may be terminated sooner. Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood, said he would announce in two days the exact termination date as well as how […]

The Lunacy Of C4C

This is insanity. Here’s an excerpt from an article in the WSJ concerning the C4C destruction program: What Mr. Mueller discovered is that sodium silicate is the designated agent of death for cars surrendered under the federal cash-for-clunkers program. To receive government reimbursement, auto dealers who offer rebates on new cars in exchange for so-called […]

Could “Cash For Clunkers” Lead To The Feared Double Dip?

Could “Cash for Clunkers” be a net political negative for Obama? One analyst thinks that by moving forward sales via the program we’re setting ourselves up for a robust third quarter GDP number and a negative growth rate for the fourth quarter. The dreaded W or double dip recovery. The Wall Street Journal’s Real Time […]

“Cash For Clunkers” Crashing Into The Bureaucracy

Why am I not surprised that the “cash for clunkers” program may already be a bureaucratic hairball. A reader who uses the pseudonym Jaxon left a comment that directed me to the Ex-Car Salesman Blog. He has some interesting behind the scenes info. First, because of the popularity, there is a huge backlog of paperwork. […]

“Cash For Clunkers” Is A Home Run

“Cash for clunkers” is out of money! So what to do now? The “cash for clunkers” program has been a roaring success. in just one week Americans bought enough new cars utilizing the program that the NTSA said it was pretty certain it had exhausted the $1 billion that had been appropriated and was, therefore, […]

Cash For Clunkers ll

It looks as if the cash for clunkers program may not give quite the goose to car sales that was intended. Though the auto dealers are gearing up for a big push some analysts point out a couple items that might mute the program’s success. From the WSJ: The $1 billion appropriated in the bill […]

Cash For Clunkers Meant For Detroit Not The Environment

By today’s standards it’s small potatoes but a billion potatoes here and a billion there and pretty soon … well you know the quip. I’m talking about the “cash for clunkers” bill that was approved today as part of an add-on to funding for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. This has been billed as an […]