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A Positive Trend In July Car Sales

Here is the meat of the car sales numbers. The seasonally adjusted annualized rate of sales stood at 11million for the month of July, up significantly from the sub 10 million mark in June. The major manufacturers that have reported so far show the following year-over-year results: Ford               […]

Economic Numbers Spark Some Optimism

Larry Kudlow aside, there are a few fairly intelligent people venturing forth with the argument that if nothing else, things aren’t getting worse anymore. That’s not to say that they are getting better just that the rate of decline is abating. Across the Curve has an analysis of the auto numbers that came out today. […]

December Auto Sales Were Gruesome

    It came as no surprise to anyone that December car sales were awful. Here are the numbers. GM                                     Down 23% for the year Ford                                   Down 21% for the year Chrysler                             Down 30% for the year Toyota                               Down 16% for the year Honda                               Down 8.2% for the year Daimler AG                       Down 1.5% for the year Volkswagen                      Down […]