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Mankiw On Cap-And-Trade

Greg Mankiw has a highly readable and quite balanced editorial in the Sunday Times about cap-and-trade. Mankiw makes the point that the economists’ preferred solution to the problem of climate change would be a carbon tax. He notes that it allows the revenues collected from carbon emissions to be used by the government as offsets […]

Carbon-Tariff Policies Heat Up The Chinese

No surprise this. China is ratcheting up its opposition to tariffs tied to greenhouse gas emission policies. From the WSJ: China’s central government reiterated its opposition to carbon tariff policies and said they could provoke a trade war, ratcheting up the rhetoric as lawmakers in the U.S. consider legislation to reduce greenhouse gases. A statement […]

The Smoot-Hawley Provision In Cap-And-Trade

It’s certainly not going to shock you to learn that the House version of the cap-and -trade global warming legislation contains a surprise. Remember it’s 1200 pages long and precious few have read it in its entirety. The NYT notes that there is an explosive anti-trade provision that was slipped in at the last minute […]

No Pain With Cap-And-Trade

The Web has been full of reports and analyses over the past few days of the surprisingly low cost to an average household of the proposed cap-and-trade legislation. Here is how MarketWatch describes the cost: The bill, which passed the House Energy and Commerce Committee in May, calls for cutting greenhouse gas emissions 17% from […]

Now The President Goes Full Court On Energy Legislation

Fresh off their introduction of a financial system regulatory proposal, the Obama administration is now shifting gears and going all out for passage of energy legislation in the House. They call it “energy week” and it’s intended to get a lot of the Democratic fence sitters to commit to the program and get a vote […]

What’s Inside Waxman-Markey?

According to the energy tax lobby, the beauty of their cap-and-trade legislation is its market orientation. Instead of command and control the market in all of its wisdom will force people to make the right decisions and lead us on the path to a greener tomorrow. It would seem that noble cause could be encapsulated […]

Did Cap-And-Trade Die Today?

Did the Obama administration put a knife in cap-and-trade intentionally or was it just a government snafu? In case you missed the news, the White Office Office of Management and the Budget wrote a memo warning of adverse economic consequences that might result from regulating carbon emmissions and questioned the application of the precautionary policy […]