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China: A Protectionist Gambit?

It should be interesting when Congress starts sinking its teeth into this one. From the FT: China has introduced an explicit “Buy Chinese” policy as part of its economic stimulus programme in a move that will amplify tensions with trade partners and increase the likelihood of protectionism around the world. In an edict released jointly by nine […]

Protectionism Is Far From Dead

Via Greg Mankiw’s blog, here is a link to the roll call vote to ban the “Buy American” provision of the stimulus bill from applying to the expenditure of stimulus funds. And below is the list of Senators who essentially voted against the “Buy American” provision (note that the amendment called for the provision not […]

Fiscal Stimulus-Does The Ghost Of Smoot-Hawley Linger?

Despite my praise for President-elect Obabm in the post below, the statements from an Obama spokesman that fiscal stimulus language may include a “buy American” provision are deeply troubling. One element of the plan could be “buy American” language benefiting U.S. industry. “We are reviewing the buy American proposal and we are committed to a […]