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Budget Battles

The President released his budget today and the usual suspects are lining up to either hail or damn it. Predictably political affiliation pretty much determines reaction though the President is getting perhaps a bit more blowback from his left flank than he might have expected. Here are two analyses which I suspect will more or […]

Republicans Need A Modified Tax Message

This perhaps demonstrates just how big a mountain the Republicans have to climb with their deficit reduction budget: While I give Ryan and his compatriots high marks for sparking the current debate, I felt from the beginning that they missed the boat on a couple of things. One is an unrealistic assumption about the eventual […]

Will Obama Move To The Right On The Budget?

Is President Obama going to declare his recently submitted budget null and void tomorrow and throw in with Simpson-Bowles or just deliver a political speech that hits the worn out themes of taxing the rich, preserving the social safety net and the need for more bipartisan Kumbaya moments? The Progressive bloggers (here and here for […]

Budget Spin

The President is making a show of fiscal frugality today. Holding his cabinets’ collective feet to the fire as it were by ordering them to find a way to save $100 million. Greg Mankiw’s blog adds some perspective in light of the $3.5 trillion Obama budget and $1.2 trillion deficit: Just to be clear: $100 […]

Obama’s Gift To The Home Builders

So much for change. The WSJ reports this evening that President Obama’s new budget includes a big payoff for large businesses including the home builders. As part of its $3.6 trillion budget blueprint unveiled last week, the administration proposed allowing large businesses to use recent tax losses to offset taxable profits earned in the past, and […]

The Obama Budget: Doomed From The Start?

Will the grand plans of the Obama budget be sabotaged by the economy? There are more than a few people predicting just that sort of fate. Much of the template for significantly increased spending funded by tax increases and revisions depends on some fairly optimistic projections for economic growth. The plan counts on 3.2% growth […]

Obama Presents A Budget That Delivers Change

By now, no doubt, you have seen the outlines of the President’s new budget, and, no doubt, are still trying to absorb the enormity of the thing. Just to recap, he is proposing federal government expenditures of $3.6 trillion dollars for fiscal year 2010. The deficit is projected to be $1.75 trillion this year and […]