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BofA Says Foreclosure Issues Resolved

I was going to write a post about a little bit of sanity seemingly returning to the blogosphere with regard to foreclosuregate when Bank of America made this announcement. Via the WSJ: Bank of America Corp. on Monday began preparing new affidavits for 102,000 pending foreclosure actions where court approval is required, applying new signatures […]

The Union Drive To Organize BofA’s Tellers – Will The Government Give An Assist?

Once the government gets involved in private enterprise there is no telling from which direction pressure will come to advance special interests in those enterprises. Today’s example is the union drive to organize Bank of America’s tellers. Charlie Gasparino broke the story today on CNBC and has a column up about it in the New […]

House Committee To Grill Lewis, Bernanke and Paulson

This will probably be good theater and solve nothing. The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform plans to have Ken Lewis and top federal officials testify under oath about the events surrounding the acquisition of Merrill. From the WSJ: The decision to hold a hearing before members of the House Committee on Oversight and […]

Paulson Changes His Story

According to CNBC, Henry Paulson has now said that the words he delivered to Ken Lewis were his own and did not come from Fed Chairman Bernanke. So, now we know one thing for sure. He’s either lying now or he lied to Andrew Cuomo. Update 3:25-The butt covering continues. This from Reuters: No one […]

Paulson Says BofA’s Lewis Is Telling The Truth-Throws Bernanke Under The Bus

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has released a letter with accompanying addenda that he sent to key Washington officials. In it he says that Henry Paulson essentially corroborated Ken Lewis’s testimony concerning the acquisition of Merrill Lynch. Paulson also testified that the threats made to Lewis concerning his replacement should the Merrill deal not be […]